• Čap



    Rock formation with ruins of a medieval castle and an amazing view to the countryside. The castle has been built probably by Jindřich Berka from Dubá by the end of 14th century. Nowadays only cistern and a rock column (called Čapská palice) has remained from the castle.


  • Devil’s Head (Čertovy hlavy)

    Impressive sculpture by Václav Levý. Almost ten meters high heads have been carved into the sand stone rock. This landmark is easily accessible from the village of Želízy.


  • Hill Nedvězí

    The hill Nedvězí offers an unique panoramic view. In case of good visibility conditions you can even see the mountain ranges of Krušné hory or Jizerské hory. To reach the top of the hill you can either take the path leading through the village of Nedvězí or of the hiking tracks eg. from Pustý zámek.


  • Hill Vrátenská hora

    Vrátenská hora is with its attitude of 508 m one of the highest mountains in Kokořínsko. On the top you can find a view tower with a fascinating panoramic view. To get there, just take the hiking path from the village of Libovice.


  • Pokličky



    Unique rock formations reminding of huge mushrooms. Pokličky have been formed by a different erosion of variously resistant rocks. The lower part consists of sand stone, the upper part is made of ferrous  conglomerates.


  • Pustý zámek

    Pustý zámek

    Pustý zámek

    Remaining of a fortress from the 14. century buried in sand stone rocks. You can find this landmark above the picturesque valley of the river Liběchovka. It’s reachable by taking the yellow marked hiking path from Zakšín.


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