Castles & chateaux

  • Bezděz Castle



    One of the few castles in the region that has remained in the original shape. Thanks to its situation in the landscape above the Mácha Lake it has been inspirational for famous artists like the composer Bedřich Smetana or the writer Karel Hynek Mácha. Beside fascinating history you can find also amazing view from the castle.



  • Chateau Vidim

    Baroque chateaux with a beautiful English park. It was built probably in the 17th century. This cultural landmark is currently being used as house for seniors.


  • Houska castle

    Probably the most mysterious castle in the whole region of Kokořínsko. There are a lot of legends and myths about this castle. According to one of them, there is a gateway to hell just below the castle’s chapel. The early Gothic castle was built by Přemysl Otakar II in the first half of the 13. century.


  • Kokořín castle

    The dominant castle of the region and most preserved castle is the Kokořín castle. Its history goes as far as to the year 1320. Beside the large exhibition there are also lots of events organized directly in the castle.


  • Ruins Helfenburk (Hrádek)

    In an idyllic valley not far from the city of Úštěk you can find ruins of the Gothic castle of Helfenburk. In the history it used to be one of the largest castle in northern Bohemia. From these times massive fortification and a tower remained intact. The tower is open to public during the weekends. To reach the ruins take a hiking path from the city of Úštěk.

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